Frequently Asked Questions


What makes MiCasa rentals unique?

At MiCasa we understand the unique needs and challenges of temporary housing. As such we ensure that our recommended listings meet our criteria and standards, these include being very clean, well equipped, and a good energy. 

How much are these transitional rentals?

Many of our suggested hosts offer weekly and monthly discounts for their listings. Depening on the length and nature of your stay, we may be able to negotiate. 

Where are your apartments located?

The majority of our database is located in the downtown core, but if you need a place anywhere in the GTA we would be happy to work with you to help you find a rental in your desired area. 

If I need to, can I extend my stay?

Our clients often ask to extend their stays, in which case we will do our best. However, if the home you are in is not available, we can help to move you to another one of our locations. 

Do you offer other services during this time of transition?

Yes, in additional to helping you find temporary housing, we also offer the service of personal assitants and concierge services. Whether you’re looking for regular cleaning service to grocery shopping, moving or transporting items, to booking an in-home massage, we’re here to help. 


How can I list my property on your database?

If you would like to submit your existing listing for review for our database, please contact us with your details, including a link to your rental if you have one.

What is the placement or referral fee?

Our fees will depend on the length of our client’s stay, as well as unique features of your listing. Please contact us to discuss the details. 

I have a property I would like to turn into a short-term rental unit, can you help me?

We do help homeowners optimally set up their rentals. For more information about our take a look at our consulting services and get in touch!