"Mi casa es su casa" = "My home is your home"


Hello, and welcome to MiCasa Rentals

After the ending of my engagement in 2010, it took me months to get back on my feet and to settle into a home of my own. As a result of my personal experience, in 2013 I started BetterBreakups, an organization dedicated to helping men and women navigate their breakups and complex relationships, and find real love. 

The origins of MiCasa also started in 2013 when I started hosting guests on Airbnb in my second bedroom. Over the last five years I have greatly enjoyed hosting guests from all over the world! Naturally, I had a soft spot for guests that were were looking for "in-between" housing due to relationship issues. When friends and then friends of friends started seeking my help to set up and/or manage their own rentals, MiCasa organically developed. Inevitably, I have learned a lot about what makes for a great experience - both for the guest and the host.

Today, MiCasa has grown to include a community of hosts and services designed to support men and women who need a place of their own. 

Natalia Juarez, Founder & Owner


Natalia is an entrepreneur at heart.

She is the founder of BetterBreakups, and specializes as a breakup coach and dating strategist. 

In addition to hosting guests from all over the world, she has also enjoyed being a guest in unique homes globally.